Monday, November 3, 2008

Chester 2.0

When I was little, someone dropped off a UGLY stray pit bull mix, that we named "chester" and my dad let us keep him ( and every other stray that was dropped off)it was a colorful childhood! This pup here, is the new Chester. This neighborhood has a fondness for stray dogs, and in particular any that have some pit bull in them.
I was at work yesterday, putting out patio furniture, and he wanders up to me and starts following me around everywhere. I sat down to pet him a minute and he got up and LAID in my lap, paws around my waist. That poor thing was clinging to me for dear life. It was really sad, so I sent Erik a picture and Erik immediately wrote back about how ugly he was.
So, I did the next best thing. I contracted this homeless man that was walking by. The dog kept trying to follow me back in the store and was also as this Homeless Man said "Street Stupid" cause he had already been hit once yesterday, and was limping. So i got some cash and gave it to the man and he went and bought a leash and some dogfood then came back to pick up his new friend.
**do not fear, I don't normally chat it up with the street folk, for safety reasons, but there was a crowd around and this guys was sober so I felt like it was ok***

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