Thursday, November 13, 2008

Before I go to Work....

Remember this dresser I got at the GoodWill for $22.00

Well it is undergoing some remodeling... First Flat Black Paint. I think flat black looks really neato. Spray Painting on the other hand.. gets old after a while... and smelly. I got sick to my stomach from the smell.
As you can see black on white isnt as easy as you may think... think SEVERAL coats.
Bulk Hardware from Target in Brushed Nickel. I will have some handles like this as well.
So far:
Dresser $22
2 cans spray paint $2
Hardware @ $10 pack : $20
Total $44.00

Stay tuned for pics upon completion.


Mississippi Candice said...

I love stuff like this, can't wait to see how it turns out!

Lindsey said...

CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THE FINAL PICS! I love flat black too:)

Scott Terry said...

comin along!

chad g. said...

Did you sand the wood before you painted it? Looks like when I did my dressers and my dad came along and said "You know, the paint would stick a lot better if you sanded the wood and wiped it with a rag." D'oh.

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