Friday, November 28, 2008

ThanksGiving Griza Style....

We pulled it off! Thanksgiving was a hit. We didn't cook or eat till about 8 or 9pm when Bro got off work. Julie got Turkey & Ham, made creamed corn & Mrs.Norma's Mac N Cheese, I made Pecan Pie and Sweet Potatoe Casserole, Erik made Green Bean Casserole & Shauna made the most delish Dressing & Pumpkin Pies!

Here Julie set her camera om timer for a Group Photo. It makes me laugh to look at this.. kind of a Griswald Moment.
Then Guitar Hero where little stevie kicked our butts! He can play every song on EXPERT level. He has also grown about 12 inches in the last few months.
Ralphie putting on his best smile in order to score some turkey off my plate. ( It worked)

When Black Friday Comes..

Do you shop? I do. Every. year. Today I left at 7am which was kind of late for that sort of thing but still very productive. I think I just enjoy going more than actually buying things. I like all the Christmas Decorations all over the mall,the sales, and the hilarious conversations I always over hear " Gene,,, he said he wants "mario WITH the Kart" mario M-A-R-I-O" and I did get a good chuckle at all the people in the mall eating Chinese food at 9am. HA
This year, I did buy a few things but nothing spectacular. I currently have 8 presents under the Christmas tree that has been up all week. In that week, I have realized what a pain it is to plug and unplug all the Christmas lights several times a day. Lights on the mantle, porch, tree, the blow up Santa etc.. so today I bought 2 fun and cool things. A pedal that you can step on to turn off the tree and a remote controlled surge protector thingy for all the outdoor lights. I am proud to report that they both ACTUALLY work. I didn't expect them to...

I also got the missing handle for my Ralphie/Flossie dresser. Done & Done..
Now to just get all those Thanksgiving plates etc put away and replaced with IRON BOWL PARTY WARE!

ps. Raise your hand if you sang the title to this blog.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nobody Needs a Dishwasher on Thanksgiving!

We have not eaten any Thanksgiving YET! Juliel made Hashbrown casserole which we ate for Breakfast and once Bro gets off work he and Shauna and Stevie will be coming over and we shall hopefully have traditional food pieces ready by then! Stay tuned...
In order to prepare the kitchen I cleaned it this morning and ran the dishwasher with this new Eco-friendly detergent... that turned out to be for the SINK not the dishwasher... and good thing I went back in the kitchen to fill my coffee cup cause this is what I found....

brings back memories of the first time I tried to run a dishwasher as a kid when my mom was out of town. I used blue dawn dishsoap.. ha and it was quite the mess. You would thin between the years of 8 and 30 I would have learned my lesson with that.

My Masterpiece and My New Project

As you can see I finished the $22 dresser, and it looks great, but in true LG fashion, I forgot one of the handles. UGGGG so its almost finished... just need to make another trip to get that missing piece of hardware. It fits the wall space perfectly in the sports room and is Ralphie & Flossie's new dresser. They love it (in case you were wondering)
And then yesterday I spotted this beauty on the side of the road. One of my fav. things about East nash is all the people selling their wares up and down the main drag. It might be fake stuff, new stuff, used stuff, stolen stuff.. one will never know! But this was neat and made very well and authentic 60's retro. The man wanted $40 for it because it was an "antique" and had some kind of special hardware on it. When i started driving away he came down to my $20 offer and loaded right up.
Now I bought this for the sports room as a night stand, which we need desperately in there, but that room is using black furniture... so... should I paint of stain this? Change the hardware? I kind of love it the way it is. I just dont know! Comment with suggestions and vote in the poll on the right!
I learned on another blog, that dovetailing and real wood = quality furniture. This one passes the test!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Decorating Madness has BEGUN!

Normally, I never want to decorate for any holiday "too early" but this year, for whatever reason, I am super excited to decorate for Christmas. I cant WAIT. and I didnt. Yesterday it began... See the mess of boxes below? I had one of these boxes full of stuff i got on super sale after Christmas last year and that was SO fun to open!

Here is Nonielicious refreshing my wreaths. She made an AWESOME one.
Isn't this fabulous! Silver with pink, purple, blue and a big peacock! I know this isnt "traditional Christmas colors" but I have decided to just give it and go with it b.c I think those are SOOO pretty. My nanny had a silver tree when I was little and one day I will too!
Here is the decorating crew. They got ALOT done. ha just kiddin they are watching the AMA's.
Julie, Erik, Ellen, Ralphie , Flossie, Anna & Richard! Good thing we havea king size bed!
Every Year I buy a Christmas frame for our Christmas card Pic and write the year on the back. Here they are so far..
Here is the tree for Julie's room. It is Silver with Fiber optic lighting and Yorkie ornaments!
Here is the the tree in the sports room with Titans and Auburn ornaments!
So have you guys started decorating? Tell me what you have done... More pics to come later! I have to work this afternoon/night so its a work in progress.
Jingle Jingle!

The New Living Room! Hooray!

One of the many Before pics..... Then after my Aunt & Nonie went around our house and gathered some things and moved some things... we came up with a new look.
The wall color is going to be changed. Not the orange but the co-ordinating one. A different rug will be purchased once I get the refund for that orange one that sheds 400lbs of wool fur a minute.The mantle will be "dry brushed" the same color the wall gets painted. Also need a few more ( bigger) pillows. CC added some lamps for warmth and that helped a lot I think!
We re arranged the couch and stuff. Returned the rug to West elm, which is still very much a work in progress. They have been telling me returning it would be NO problem.. yet the day I show up with a rug its all... "Where is your receipt?" which I know I have somewhere.. but anyway.. just FYI.. as crazy as it sounds the company West Elm does not keep a record of their transactions beyond 3 months. So whatever you buy on your West Elm card or account, will be invisible in 3 months. Make SURE to print it OUT.
Of course the guitar hero guitars will be replaced with a metal coat rack. Hopefully all the gaming stuff will be moved to a seperate TV. (Erik?)

Feel Free to email me any cute rugs you have seen for this room! (8x10)

The American Music Awards!

Did ya'll watch them? DANG! That was way better than MTV music awards! I was really impressed with Neyo's performance. LOVED beyonce's. She is so fierce! and Kanye.... ha well Kanye does NOT do well Live. I think that can be written in stone. His outfit was hilarious though. Dad can you send me a racoon tail to hang out of my back pocket? Thanks!
Also I thought pink looked great and did well too. This is her year!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Grinch Ice Video...

Just to try and give the ful effect here is a (very) short video. I loved all the Grinch Music playing through out the exhibit. That is my FAV Christmas movie!

ICE! at Opry Mills Hotel

Tonight, after the Radio City Rockets show, we went to the ICE exhibit. It is a whole village sort of thing, with a GRINCH theme all made of beautiful colored and carved ice. It was unbelievable! and very cold!
They hand out these blue water proof jackets at the door so you can slide down a slide ( made of ice) and keep warm.
The Ice Tunnel
Richard, Anna Catherine & I with the Grinch
A nativity Scene at the end. I was impressed with how both the ICE exhibit and the Rockets show both gave a huge tribute to Jesus... especially in a world/time when people want to say "Holiday" and not "Christmas" ooooohhh how that irks me. It was cool that they didnt go all PC on us.

More to come later. It has been a REALLY full day and we are oh so tired...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Auburn Georgia Game 2008

I was trying to wait on eveyone to send me their pics but I havent gotten any so here are 2 of the FIVE that I took all day! ha Mere we totally should have taken one together! dang!
It was great to see everyone again. Plus my girls from college ( Brooke, Emily, & Nicole) were all there as well. We are NEVER all in the same place for anything happy and fun. Brooke turned 30 that weekend. Happy Birthday Brookey! We love you!

Have Ya'll Seen any cute sweaters?

You know what's crazy? I only have TWO sweaters. One is a J.crew from 1996. No lie. One is brown from Ann Taylor Loft in 2004. What the heck majeck? I need some warmer clothes but I never see any sweaters that I think are cute. I dont mean turtle necks either but like for real sweaters. Have ya'll seen any?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I learned a new SECRET!

Which is how to cook Collard Greens, Kale and Turnip Greens. Woah. And believe it or not, i have actually cooked TWICE this week. Wowsers .. AND it was edible! ha
These ladies I work with cooked the best greens I have ever put into my mouth, and they have been teaching me. The secret is 2 things:
Apple Cider Vinegar

because I didnt know this , but Greens can be very hard to digest if you dont cook them long enough. The Apple Cider Vinegar helps not only with taste but also with Digestion.
Some folks, actually shoot this stuff because its supposed to be a "cure all". Not sure if Im that brave yet. However if my nose continues running another week... I'm all over it.
The other trick is SPIKE all natural seasoning.
It makes everything delish! You just put in like a teaspoon of Spike and a capfull of cider vinegar and cook the greens FOREVER. I have been cooking Kale because it is supposed to be one of the healthiest things you can eat and a good cancer fighter as well.
If you try this out be sure to let me know!

i was just about to post this but I have to say this... Erik is in the kitchen singing Amazing Grace in some very awful voices and Flossie is sitting here watching him with this strange look on her face and keeps turning her head in intrigue. Its kind of hilarious.
Let it be known, there is only ONE Erik Graham......

The Progress of my Masterpiece

Now I promise it looks better in person, but here is the latest. It would be completely out of character for me to start a project with all the materials needed to finish.. and keeping with that, I am so close to being done but I ran out of spray paint, time and didnt have the rest of the hardware on hand. Ha I will post a final pic when it is done. I really like the Matte finish. It looks awesome.

I also didnt factor in how i was gonna have to sand the drawers b/c the previous owner painted over the hardware and it was all lumped on there and crusty. UGh you can still some the shape of it a little

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another neat Pauley contraption!

Yet another cool thing we saw at Casa De Pauley... a coffee cup that comes equipped with its own stirring spoon! Super neat for peeps like Juliel who mix things up in their coffee! I like it black.
Anyways, they picked these up on an anniversary trip but I happened to see some very similiar at World Plus Cost Market! Happy Shopping!


Just wanted to say thanks to all of you that called, emailed, texted, prayed etc for us Yesterday and all weekend. We really appreciate it. We spent the night as a family at the Preds game.
Thanks for thinking of us. We love you guys

The Grizas
Steven, Erik , Julie, Laura, Ralphie, Flossie

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So It's Gettin Crazy Up in Here!

Dang! I just got home from work and had a plethora of hate mails/calls/texts to deal with. So lets see... where do I start...
Ya'll know I don't do politics. That is why Granpa always writes about politics and anyone else who wants to write something for the blog feel free to send it to me. As you can see I dont edit or censor the posts...
With that being said, Anytime I post something I dont write, posting it doesnt mean I agree or disagree with it. I just means I post it. Generally, I post Granpa's blogs because it always inspires such passionate conversation and sometimes very funny commentary. Chad Grout made me laugh out loud with his comment. (thanks chad) and little Linzy , bless her heart, probably had to obtain large amounts of self control before she left her comment ( love you linz! )
It is a great way, for people to speak openly and educate one another on their POV. However, It is also an opportunity to get some folks very fired up, and for that I am sorry. I didnt intend to offend anyone , or present myself as a racist (I'm Not). Honestly, I didnt give it much thought, b/c politics is not my cup of tea, and I never knew this post was gonna take a turn into racism.
I just cant really decide what to do in this arena b/c either way I am gonna piss of someone. Granpa has just as many fans as he has haters. Juliel and jessidesign have both said (in the past) maybe the blog should just stick to family and silly stuff.. and so perhaps I will post a poll in the margin about what you guys wanna read about. Be sure to Vote!
Anyway, thanks to everyone for commenting and being opinionated. I enjoy all sorts of opinions. Opinions and personalities are what keep the world interesting.
Peace Out!

Before I go to Work....

Remember this dresser I got at the GoodWill for $22.00

Well it is undergoing some remodeling... First Flat Black Paint. I think flat black looks really neato. Spray Painting on the other hand.. gets old after a while... and smelly. I got sick to my stomach from the smell.
As you can see black on white isnt as easy as you may think... think SEVERAL coats.
Bulk Hardware from Target in Brushed Nickel. I will have some handles like this as well.
So far:
Dresser $22
2 cans spray paint $2
Hardware @ $10 pack : $20
Total $44.00

Stay tuned for pics upon completion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My "Dirt Cheap" Bargains from the weekend..

While I was home, My mom, Nonilicious and I took a trip to "Dirt Cheap" and some thrift stores. Dirt cheap is kind of like a catalog returns store or closeout house. They have stuff from Pottery Barn, Target, Walmart , Drug stores, Macys, etc etc....
My total was $11.12 ! and Below are some of my wares! Those light (Titan's Blue) Euro Shams you see below were $45 each at Macys. I paid .25 CENTS each!
Super High Thread Count too!

Here is a Duvet Cover I got. Its a "Hotel Collection" from Macy's. Retail $200. I paid $3.00.... THREE dollars! Dang! Now I just gotta find the matching shams. Geesh
I got this navy curtain ( originally from target) for the Sports Guest room for $1. sweet!

When Ralphie Starts going through Auntee Withdrawals...

He goes to his quiet place and gets caught up on his reading. It helps take his mind off the pain.

And The PURSE Saves the Day...

I love this story, mostly b/c the victim fought back, but also because her PURSE saved her from a gunshot wound! woah! I bet it was an expensive purse if it was catching bullets, which is probably the reason she put up a fight! ha
They really should have shown a picture of the handbag, but you can read the details here.
I heard about this on Regis & Kelly of all places!

Monday, November 10, 2008

If You Try Sometimes. You Just might find, You get what you neeeeed!

You know you have true friends, when you can call them and say "Hey, we're coming to spend the night" and they are cool with it. More than that, they have dinner, drinks, fire in the fire place and karaoke set up when you arrive.
I was in a terrible mood yesterday and we called Matt & Scott when we were leaving Monroeville to ask if we could stay with them in Birmingham and split our drive in half. They were super sweet about it and lifted my spirits! Thanks guys! We love ya'll!
We call these nights "lyrical" and boy did we belt out the tunes. Usually I am Madonna, pat benytar or Toni Braxton! ha Erik prefers Christmas Songs these days and Matt can do some mean BoyzIIMen. Scott is good at all of them as you can see in the video!

Dear Momma,

Don't worry about coming home! Auntee is taking good care of us and I
like her bed better than yours. It's very fluffy!Good night

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My New You Tube Obcession

Thanks to Matt , I now love this guy! He does lots of acoustic cover songs! They are called "Boyce Ave." and they have some originals as well that you can buy in iTunes! Check this one out!

Brett, ya'll need to tap into this!

The Video That Wont Work!

Some of Life's More Challenging Moments...

Not that I'm some sort of baby expert, but I really didnt think they liked T.V. But if you have any baby Einstein videos then they LOVE tv. Its the weirdest stuff to watch too, its kind of trippy, a lot of colors, movement and odd noises. Below is Will's favorite character on the video. He is mesmerized by this lamb! It just makes absolutely no sense to me but they are interesting and if you have a baby then you should totally have these videos.
Now the above mentioned time is the ONLY time he will sit still when awake, so dressing him is like the most hilarious event ever. Some idiot that makes baby clothes thought it would be a good idea to put 45 buttons on the legs of their pants. I hope you think you can get all those buttons done and matched up properly on a 7 month old!( Lesson #2: Babies are not Barbies.)

And here is the wiggly little thing now, making his get away. Notice his leg position? Its hard to get pants on little kicky legs in that position! ha

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