Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PHISH: Theyyyyy'rrree Baaaackkkk...

I never thought it would happen... but apparently it is! Phish has announced some shows and i am DYING to go! Are you?


grizaham said...

Pumped.. Those 3 shows in Hampton, VA arent the only ones. They say they are going to add more later but i still gonna request tix to all 3. War eagle.

auhays said...

I told Meredith that I was quitting my job and going on tour. She did not approve!

The Writer said...

Oh gosh. This reminds me of senior year and Paul N. Remember our senior shirts?

j_m_carter said...

Phish is back.....

hotel room : booked
job : quit
"kick down so I can get down" sign : made
hemp necklace : withdrawn from safety deposit box
longboard : wheels greased
nitrous tanks : stolen
deodorant : thrown out
coleman stove : ready
homemade drum : stretched
beard growth : started
microbus : purchased
shower : turned off
dog : starved
phatty glass : blown
haircuts : cancelled

LG said...

We had senior shirts? dang.....

Whoever JM Carter is that made me laugh out loud!

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