Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Oprah Moment...

So I got an email this week from a man who wanted to buy this J.Crew dress from me for his girlfriend. It never occured to me that he was 77 years old! Anyway he sent me their love story and a pic and I think its so cute ( they are obviously VERY happy) that I had to blog about it. See Below:
Hi Laura, Here's a foto of "The Cute Couple," as we've been described by various people. I guess our story is not uncommon but love sure can be great the second time around. A good part of it grew out of shared tragedy. Carolyn's husband was a Navy admiral. He died about three years ago after a ten-year illness. They were married for more than 50 years. My wife has been in a nursing for three years, after ten years of me caring for her alone at home. It simply became impossible for me to keep it up. Next month we'll be married 55 years. Anyhow, Carolyn and I met on the internet. What began as a casual have-lunch meeting quickly became as serious as a heart attack. We are still amazed at ourselves because neither of us was looking for something like this but now we are committed completely to each other. We each have two daughters, all in their 50s, and they are all on board with us, which makes things easier. But we didn't give them a whole lot of wiggle room either; it was here we are, take us or leave us. Anyhow we both realized how lonely we were and now life is bright and happy for us. I know she's going to look great in the dress. I have a special relationship with the Black Watch regiment (as you can see on my web page) so getting her this dress was special for me. Cheers, Bob

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Anonymous said...

Wait, so this guy is still married with his wife in a nursing home? What ever happened to "until death do we part"?

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