Thursday, October 16, 2008

My New Fav

Thanks to Alex... I saw this tonight and its hilarious. She is actually pretty good. The light switch flipping is pretty awesome!
Also if you watch any of her other videos you can see that she has an AUBURN chair in her room!
PS. Matt this is OUR song!


Mississippi Candice said...

My fav is the Nobodys Perfect video! Liz, Rick, and I watched it over and over in the hotel room last weekend! LOVE IT!!!! War Eags! She is wearing an Aub shirt in that one.

Julie Bray said...

Those AU fans can really dance!
My fav was her sprinkler move.

Scott Terry said...

Thats so lyrical!

grizaham said...

He needs to learn the words and get those boy posters off the wall. his buddies may get the wrong idea.

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