Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Monday Night Football Titans/Colts Game!

Can You beleive we won! Awesome!
WE brought this Titans Blanket Poncho back from Mexico for Bro!
The new SUPER cool tent. It was like a big igloo that blew up and had zippered sides that sheltered us from the wind.


Julie said...

One of the best tailgates and games ever!

grizaham said...

Yeah, great game. So cold at the tailgate though. Good times.

Julie Bray said...

Looks like you guys have awesome tailgate gear! Great game too! I was thinking about you and how cold you would be last night, but looks like you came prepared!
How was Julie's Mexico trip!?

Mississippi Candice said...

Looks so cold!!!!

Kyle said...

That game was just a prelude to what will happen to the Packers!!!!! Glad I wasn't in the cold, although I gladly would have toughed it out.

tiny e said...

Is this your own special tent? Can we please, PLEASE use it for an AU game some time? How awesome would the Nation be then?! WDE

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