Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look what just came in!

Better hurry cause they sell out every year!
Sorry I sent this out yesterday from my cell phone and didnt clarify more. These are the WINTER SCENTS at Bath & Body Works. They are seasonal and fabulous and very popular. My favorite is called "Winter White" and I buy the wallflowers. They have candles etc too. They are still in the back of the store but we had our guy bring them out for us so we could buy before they hit the floor and are all bought up!


Cory Holder said...

What are those?

Cary said...

You will have to zoom in closer. I can't tell what they are?

Courtney said...

oh boy oh boy!! you know how i LOVE wallflowers! esp the christmas ones!!!

Julie said...

Oh yes these Fall scents are awesome. The WINTER candle smells delicious!!!

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