Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Iphone App Review..

It has been a while since I have done any app reviews. I recently made a new iphone buddy at the truck and we have had mucho fun with our phones and app talks!
So these days I am liking:

Sol Free - Which is a free Solitaire Game. Its nice for long car rides etc... and probably like the ONLY card game I actually know how to play.
PocketGuitar - a 99 cent app that is just like a guitar! If you can play guitar you can strum your phone just the same. Actual Frets and strings appear. You can change the sound of it to acoustic or electric etc.
Flights - Also a 99 cent app and really helpful even if you only use it once. It tracks flights and their status and times on any airline. Really nice for when we have to pick up friends from the airport to know (since we cant talk to them) when their flight arrives or has landed etc. That way you dont have to sit home by the computer or do annoying online searches.
Ereader - If you know about the infamous KINDLE then ereader is the iphone version of that. Very nice app with lots of tweaks. You can download whatever book you wanna read and read it straight off your phone.

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