Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keeping It Colorful At The Truck

This Guy showed up the other day with his pal, Pearl the huge white bird. It went from Grocery Store to Petting Zoo in 2.5. He let everyone hold or pet her!

And just so you know, this is the SECOND time I have seen a man with a tropical bird in a grocery store in East Nashville!

And this is like the most beautifulest Tattoo I have ever seen on a girl that came in the truck today. I want one BAD but Erik and my momma are majorly against the idea. We shall see if I am able to persuade them!


Granpa Graham said...

Time frequently alters our desires. These things tend to fade and blur and they are not easily removed when you change your mind. Don't do it.

auhays said...

That guy with the that Don Imus?!!

Amy said...

I am glad that I did get a tat when I wanted one, and now I have stories to tell! I will only say that the biggest part is finding the "right" place to get it done. Mine is on the top my foot and fairly discret but I wish I done something even more hidable, like my own little secret. I will totally go with you when you decide to take the plunge!

Cary said...

Absolutely not Laura! No, No, No!!

Jessica Chapman said...

i like to enjoy other people's tats. i love that bird btw!

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