Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iphone Apps of the Week!

This is a really cool app called "Christmas List" and I feel like its the best in its category. Be sure to read the reviews before downloading any apps. This one lets you add all the names on your list and any details like ideas, cost, boxes you can check like if you have bought it, wrapped it or mailed it. Then also a button that shows your entire list for when you are shopping.
Below is one screenshot. I had to take before I really filled out my info so everyone wont see my ideas! ha
Here is my other Fav app lately. It is called " TO Do CYCLE" for all the things you do every so often. YOu enter in whatever your chores are and it will count down the days till it is due. I like this so much b.c certain things I feel like I do too often i.e. change light bulbs , and now I can know exactly how long it is between changes.
Both of these are paid apps like $1 or $2...

1 comment:

grizaham said...

apps make the world go around. I just feel bad for the people that made those terrible PC commercials.

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