Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For The Love!

I just don't understand why all people don't bring their own bags to a store. Even if you don't give 2 hoots about the environment, I promise you its easier to bring in one nice sturdy bag of your own, then try to tote out 4 bajillion plastic bags full of heavy stuff. It just wrecks me!

Here is a great website FULL of nice choices.. assuming you dont like the Chico Bags, which are super convienent since they have a small clip to hook them inside your purse or on your key ring.


grizaham said...

Or you can go visit Laura at the Truck and purchase some there! They also have good eats..
Waaaaaar Eagle! Hey! ;)

kristicpoltrack said...

I would love not to have to use the store bags, but when I by groceries for my family it is way more than 3 would be more like 30. Also, when going to the store I am already carrying in a baby, a baby bag, a cart cover (so payton doesn't get icky germs), and my purse...if I can remember it. Where can I also fit some nice environmently friendly and very cheap if not freely bags. Can't we just use the paper ones?

Caroline's Mom said...

AMEN!!! BUY some bags!!!

Julie Bray said...

love the chico bags! have 6 or 7 of them... definately makes it easier when carrying the bags out! fam loved them as Christmas gifts/ add-ons to packages... saving the world one bag at a time. (:
what is the weight limit on them, i pack as much stuff as possible in them. usually tell the bagger put everything in them, up to 50 lbs. but think it's more like 35 lbs per bag.

Julie Bray said...

just read the previous comment. these Chico bags crumple up into little-smaller than fist-size- packs. depending on the size of your purse, you can fit lots of them into your purse when shopping. also sounds like you know when you are going on a "big" grocery shopping trip- you can clip these onto your purse, etc or crumple up and take lots with you. i keep a bunch in the trunk and a couple in my purse so I;m prepared if needed. they hold far more pounds than a paper or plastic bag so you use fewer.
how often and for how many people are you shopping for using 30 bags?!?!? sounds like a ton of waste to me..... paper or plastic

kristicpoltrack said...

Since I have a baby I like to get everything at one store and since I have a baby there is lots of baby stuff that I go through many gallons of milk and fast. There is no WASTE being bought.

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