Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iphone Apps of the Week!

This is a really cool app called "Christmas List" and I feel like its the best in its category. Be sure to read the reviews before downloading any apps. This one lets you add all the names on your list and any details like ideas, cost, boxes you can check like if you have bought it, wrapped it or mailed it. Then also a button that shows your entire list for when you are shopping.
Below is one screenshot. I had to take before I really filled out my info so everyone wont see my ideas! ha
Here is my other Fav app lately. It is called " TO Do CYCLE" for all the things you do every so often. YOu enter in whatever your chores are and it will count down the days till it is due. I like this so much b.c certain things I feel like I do too often i.e. change light bulbs , and now I can know exactly how long it is between changes.
Both of these are paid apps like $1 or $2...

2 More Converts Today.....

Yes, That's right! We are welcoming Julie & Bryan Bray-ball into our fold! What fold is that you ask? It's not some sketchy cult I can assure you, it is THE COOL PEEPS WHO HAVE IPHONES CLUB!
We love the Brays and are sooo excited to be able to carry on with them iPhone Style. (These are our same friends who went to Italy with us!)
Current Total = 23 Iphone Blog Readers!

Also for all newbies here is a link to my Quick Tips for Iphone:CLICK HERE

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today Has Not Been My Day....

Today just wasn't my day... I had a long list of things I wanted to get done since Erik and I were both off all day. Almost none of it was accomplished for one reason or another.
I DID manage to get a costume, but not one I am particularly excited about... and I still couldn't get Erik on board for dressing up. I found a big Hotdog costume and I tried to get him to go as that and write IDOW on it for "I dream of Weenie" his favorite place in town.. he shot that down quickly.
After all of our errands, which included picking up the mirror that was made for our halltree thingy, which PS. Mirrors are most $$ than I thought. I was thinking $13 and it was actually more like $30.. .and after about 2.5 hours of nagging Erik to hang it, we are both holding it up as he was drilling the hardware and it SHATTERED. Cant tell you how disappointing that was!
Moving on... I took a tip from Nashville Firefly and made one of these cool jewelry hanging thingys. I will admit it was not as easy as it seemed at first, and I cut myself on that wire several times but it is quite practical! I HEART earrings.. the big, shiny , tacky ones!
I tried a smaller one for the necklaces but not sure how well that is working out....

and we did get the beds swapped out tonight thanks to our GREAT neighbor Grouts. Unfortunately, ALL of the sheets I have been stockpiling for this event are for DOUBLE beds not QUEEN. RAH ! Rah to the RAH RAH RAH. And as if that weren't enough... one of the doggles decided to have a poop snack and came running in stinking to High Heaven right when Erik and I figured out the THIRD pair of sheets was too small. GEESH maneesh.
So I leave you with a picture of our small progress. Perhaps more tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Monday Night Football Titans/Colts Game!

Can You beleive we won! Awesome!
WE brought this Titans Blanket Poncho back from Mexico for Bro!
The new SUPER cool tent. It was like a big igloo that blew up and had zippered sides that sheltered us from the wind.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The East Nash Ladies Pumpkin Carving....

Bro says he has never carved a pumpkin before! He was not thrilled about touching pumpkin guts!
Chad, As usual, some sort of dog whisperer that sends them all to his lap!
The Group Results! Guess Which Pumpkin is mine? ha

Friday, October 24, 2008

Checking your memory on your computer

My computer has been telling me over and over lately "Disk Full" which means I cant download or save anything until I free up some space. I have freed up all the space I could, without loosing anything important so I called Mac Authority to see if they had a way to check just what all was using what space. They told me about this Genius Program called Disk Inventory X , which is a free download and very easy to understand. According to Disk Inventory X, my iTunes is huge but only 16 gigs is Music... 88Gigs is VIDEO dang!
Anyway click the links above if you need this kind of help!

Iphone Applications Review of the Week

It's a pretty cool day when the potential presidents have Iphone Apps full of all their info like if you click on that "Issues: Section it will tell where Obama stands on lots of issues. A concise way to educate yourself I would say! There is an app for McCain as well but I haven't seen it yet.

Now this app is called "Handshake" and is basically a way to "beam" contact information between iphones. Both people must have this app and have it open for it to work. Watch the Video. Its short :)

I have a few more Im pretty excited about but will wait till later since not all of you guys are iphone users.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Details....

Tomorrow the mirror we had cut will be ready and once that is installed it will be finished. The mirror will go into that center recess

What We Did Today...

We started with this mess you see above. It drives me nuts. I call it the Mud/Laundry room. I have wanted to buy a nice hall tree since we moved in here but just cant part with the kind of cash they ask for those things. This morning I woke up with a grand idea!
We have 7 of these old doors left from when they renovated the house! We took 2 of them today and did some re-construction.

For it to now look like this! It will be more practical than cute with all mu varioous things on it but great to finally have somewhere for detergents and stuff since our washer/dryer are stackables.

Great Site for Reviewing Iphone Applications

Check It :

Useless Productivity

This is a great site that reviews and shows pics of all the different Iphone Applications!

Starting the day off Right!

Look Nonilicious! I cooked! Buttermilk pancakes ( shaped like pumpkins), Turkey Bacon and berries! This is all in effort to butter up my snugs for the days tasks I have lined up for us! We are both off today and have a Pred's game tonight and between now and then I have one building project, one furniture moving to the Bwood house, some painting (for me) and houseworks all planned.

And these were Ralphie and FLossie's pankcakes! They are them so fast they didnt even notice that I hadnt put any syrup on them! ha

My Oprah Moment...

So I got an email this week from a man who wanted to buy this J.Crew dress from me for his girlfriend. It never occured to me that he was 77 years old! Anyway he sent me their love story and a pic and I think its so cute ( they are obviously VERY happy) that I had to blog about it. See Below:
Hi Laura, Here's a foto of "The Cute Couple," as we've been described by various people. I guess our story is not uncommon but love sure can be great the second time around. A good part of it grew out of shared tragedy. Carolyn's husband was a Navy admiral. He died about three years ago after a ten-year illness. They were married for more than 50 years. My wife has been in a nursing for three years, after ten years of me caring for her alone at home. It simply became impossible for me to keep it up. Next month we'll be married 55 years. Anyhow, Carolyn and I met on the internet. What began as a casual have-lunch meeting quickly became as serious as a heart attack. We are still amazed at ourselves because neither of us was looking for something like this but now we are committed completely to each other. We each have two daughters, all in their 50s, and they are all on board with us, which makes things easier. But we didn't give them a whole lot of wiggle room either; it was here we are, take us or leave us. Anyhow we both realized how lonely we were and now life is bright and happy for us. I know she's going to look great in the dress. I have a special relationship with the Black Watch regiment (as you can see on my web page) so getting her this dress was special for me. Cheers, Bob

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keeping It Colorful At The Truck

This Guy showed up the other day with his pal, Pearl the huge white bird. It went from Grocery Store to Petting Zoo in 2.5. He let everyone hold or pet her!

And just so you know, this is the SECOND time I have seen a man with a tropical bird in a grocery store in East Nashville!

And this is like the most beautifulest Tattoo I have ever seen on a girl that came in the truck today. I want one BAD but Erik and my momma are majorly against the idea. We shall see if I am able to persuade them!

This MIGHT be worth it's weight in Gold!

This litte do-dad is supposed to bridge all the ipod accessories left behind for the iPhone! Perhaps I will get one to try out and report back!

The Turnip Truck on CNN

That's right peeps. The Turnip Truck will be on CNN today because they are featuring a cool Nashville Restaurant called "Tayst" and the owner/cook buys all his produce and stuff from the Turnip Truck! I am working today but doubt that I will be on the show! dang!

Hoe Many of you Have Had LAsiks?

I am lately, really wanting to get Lasiks. So sick and tired of paying for glasses and sunglasses and having to swap them out when I walk in or outside and then keeping up with them etc. Then think about everytime we go on trips we generally have some sort of glasses related disaster which is stressful cause you cant just get a new pair anytime, anywhere. Also i have the mystery rash that loves to sit behind both ears and wearing glasses that touch the rash is very uncomfortable. BUT ...The latest and greatest reason I want Lasiks, is I dont always wear my glasses (for above mentioned reasons) I just realized how that can be a threat to my safety. I need to be able to see around me and see people who are near by, especially when its dark.

Anyway please comment with all of your thoughts, experiences and stuff ! Thanks

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iphone Wallpaper of the Week: Festival of the Dead

In honor of Juliel being in Mexico this week, our featured Iphone wallpaper will be Halloweenish with a Spanish Flair... Festival of the Deadish
plus its just purty!
For the newbies out there you must either email this pic to your phone or sync with your computer to use it as wallpaper on the iphone.
** Also would like to welcome 2 of the most recent converts: Toney from Toney's Naturals Salsa & Nicole Cristina! ****

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wish You had your own iPhone App?

This is a cool site that makes Apps for the iphone. Specifically Blogger Apps. I would lurve to have one but not sure if its really open to the public Yet. You can check out their site HERE

Griza Crafts....

I made this little medicine wallet/book thingy last year and we have used it tons. I have lots of sections for all the usual ailments and take it when we travel, tailgate etc and it has been very handy. Erik wants me to copyright them and sell them ! ha So I made a few extras this weekend cause my old one is getting dirty!
All shapes and sizes.
Then Jennifer Grout came over and brought a cute sweater she had from J.Crew. She accidentally washed it and it was the size of a 4yr. old's sweater so we cut it up and made her a pillow and 2 eye glassses cases from the sleeves. Martha Stewart's Dec issue shows these fun crafts!

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