Sunday, September 7, 2008

The VMA's....

Did Ya'll watch the VMA's? I was sooooo disappointed! Rah. Not one of those performances was memorable. The host was ULTRA annoying. I was so mad about them teasing Britney to perform. Total letdown.Britney was looking good though and I am excited for her comeback.
Kanye.... oh kanye.. when the only thing you have going for your show is a pretty background... it might be time to retire dude.
Anyway, discuss!


Lindsey said...

What a waste of my time! Seriously. I hated the host. I hated the venue. It was awful. I kept watching thinking it was going to improve.

I can't get that time back....ha!

LG said...

I kept watching thinking Britney was gonna make her big come back so I was like SO mad when it was over! rah

grizaham said...

Brittany tour 2009!

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