Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today's Brentwood Progress

WHEW. Today has been MAJAH. We did a lot of work on the Brentwood house today.I came over with the doggles and we started working on the back porch. We have been wading through one years worth of mold and pollen and boy it has been alot of work. We have mopped and sweapt and dusted and washed all the linens and thrown away some moldy pillows and cushions. Speaking of which we need to buy some new ones and dont know where. We have gone to no lie, 10 stores tonight looking for them but its too late in the season. So please suggest!
Tomorrow morning we will spray paint some chairs and shelves and introduce a new theme for out there. We are also picking out some paint colors for the bathroom. Pictures to come with all of that soon.
I have to work tomorrow at noon, DANG. This job is really getting in the way of all my free as a bird schedule planning!
We went to TJ Maxx tonight and someone on there had a brand new yorkie pup! It was soooo cute so I am begging Juliel every.day. to get a Yorkie pup! We need a new addition to our doggle family cause the 4 of us are always sharing Ralphie and Flossie.
Anyway that is it for today. Steve Jobs made some new annoucements today for Apple and I must go watch the key note. Blog about that later!


jenn said...

She needs to get a morkie. They are the cutest things ever! Glad to hear the brentwood house is coming along well!

grizaham said...

Good job babe. Glad ya'll are having some fun!

Lori C. said...

Pottery Barn has some really cute outdoor pillows on sale right now. You might want to check out their website and see if you see anything that might go with the new decor you are working on for the outdoor area at the Brentwood house.

Jessica Chapman said...

pier 1 has some outdoor pillows.

Chad G. said...

Sounds like you guys will be done with the Brentwood house before we're done with our East Nashville house, so I expect an Evite to the 512 Meadowlark Lane FALL BBQ!!!

Granpa Graham said...

Laura we can find porch things down here most of the year should you need us.

Granpa Graham

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