Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Big Project!

I was off today and so I felt like doing lots of things! First on the list is to get the garage in order! I went to K-Mart to buy some shelves, and just so you know, they arent cheap! And the ones you want to get are the metal frame ones.. not the plastic of the aluminum or whatever the cheap ones are. Cheap ones are hard to put together and the shelves are too skinny! I learned that lesson the hard way.
Anyway while I was in K-mart some old dude came in there and stole a pair of shoes... so it was a pretty entertaining shopping trip. Also I managed to get some Titan's Tailgate chairs FINALLY after searching everywhere! AND they were on sale for $20! Hooray.. then add to that the tailgate tables that fold in half so that you can actually fit them into the car for $20.. Pretty productive!
Then I went and got real sweaty putting together shelves and cleaning out the garage. Below is my "Tailgating Shelf Section" and Marty/Lewis, I am sure you guys will be relieved to know I will be making labels for the shelves later!
Then... after all of that sweating and hard work, I came inside to see my family working hard as well... on some Z's
Stay tuned on the garage. It will be beautiful when I am done!

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