Thursday, September 4, 2008


Lately, I have had some issues with some unwanted comments, wait that sounds weird, I mean comments from "passersby", and i find them beyond annoying. BG ( if you havent heard, BG is my dad's new name. It stands for "Baptist Gangster") so BG i think I need a taser.

*One episode happended when I was in the yard with my doggles and some fat kid about 15 decided to yell out the window some insults to my dogs.
* one episode happened when I was eating at work at a table oustide and some white dude yelled at me out his window some craziness.
* the last episode happened when I was walking from my car into work. This black dude saw me walking and purposely crossed the street and walked directly into me. I'm not gonna lie I was trying to act tough and all but he was purposely trying to intimidate me and I was thinking things like... there isnt really anyoen around if I need to scream, does he have a gun? Is he about to steal my dang iphone. Instead he just got in my face and started making kissy noises.. to which i told him to shove it and get the $&* away from me.

So Im annoyed by all this b/c the small harrassments are what lead to the bigger ones. But what can you do really? You cant shoot someone for harrassing you. But how do you know when you are being approached, if they are just trying to scare or upset you or if they are planning to injure/rob you?
I also thinks its super wimpy to yell from your car. I mean if they feel all tough and stuff in your dang car, how about stopping and facing the person you are screaming at. But the kissy noises that just takes the cake. I mean I cant shoot him for doing that , but I could totally smack him with a taser. That would be fun. BG? ....
I guess this week, I am just overly annoyed with certain people in our neighborhood trying to bully people or intimidate them for no reason, because when people act like that how can you distinguish between a real threat or just some nonsense? You know?
Or maybe you dont know, and you are reading this thinking I am a complete nut job ( which is partially true ha) but if you read the crime list for Nashville and see what things are happening then you start being a little paranoid like this..
but I am ready for some crazy vigilante to come in and clean up our streets in a real harsh way.
and on a side note, this hasnt reall happened to me until recently, and I am not so sure that its not related to the fact that my booty is back and attracting all the wrong people! ha


grizaham said...

Please don't let these people get to you. If someone is walking toward you in our neighboorhood you cross the street. If they cross the street you scream real loud and run.
War Eagle.

Bev said...

Keep the pepper spray handy.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel, Laura! (Living in ATL)
I agree with pepper spray. I think it qualifies for ANY harrassment. I will need to find some info on where to get it, when you can use it, etc. Let me know what you decide to get and where to go.

Cary said...

LG you cannot careful! There are too many "crazies" and mean people out there!

Jay Wright said...

Go to this sight Laura.

Lizzy said...

you go, girl. get a taser and get me one while you're at it. weagles.

Chad G. said...

For anyone who says anything inappropriate to you, bumps into you on purpose, invades your personal space in any way:

Step 1: Pepper spray to the face or taser.
Step 2: Run away and find help.
Step 3: Call 911 and tell them you're being assaulted and have just pepper sprayed your assailant, give them description.
Step 4. If your assailant runs away, observe which direction, license # of any car they get into, etc.

Linzy said...


Garrett said...

I agree completely. Get a taser and zap the @#$% out of them. HIDE YOUR IPHONE TOO!! Or else it will get d-boed.(stolen) And always remember that apparently, you are not living in the safest of places.

Garrett :)

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