Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lately at The Truck...

Lately things at The Turnip Truck have been good. I really enjoy the small town atmosphere and watching things get back to the oldies there. Like, people who work there, know the customers names and general info. They special order things for you, they sell things from people in our community... and they sell things that in bulk like back in the day. I think the whole concept is so neat.
Anyway, I say all that to say that we have this dude that comes in about Daily, and his name is Toney and he makes Salsa. We sell it, Whole Foods sells it & various other places. I always serve his "Green with Envy" Salsa at all my parties/gatherings and its a huge hit. Today he came out with a new Chili Lime Salsa and it's his best one yet!
It's all natural and totally yummy! But I think its super cool to see the face behind the brand, and not just that but the face that MAKES the salsa.
So if you guys have a whole foods around, go check out his salsas!
P.S. They are in the cooler, not on the shelf!


Anonymous said...

How cool! We may have to make a trip downtown to the truck one of these saturdays!! I love salsa and that sounds delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Jack has been missing his "Flossie" workouts on his back! We need to get them together sometime now that it's getting cooler....Jack only plays outside when the temperature is perfect! Jill

Julie said...

That salsa is SO good!

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