Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kristi Cash/Poltrack on the Today Show

Ya'll know Kristi Cash from College? Well she & Preston are in NYC this week for work and for fun and she was at the Today Show today. You can see her in this video in the background wearing a black t-shirt.


grizaham said...

How cool is that!! Not the dancing trombone player, he is kind of annoying and has no talent. Way to Go kristi!

kristicpoltrack said...

LOL...the trombone player was a little wacky and everybody was kinda laughing, but it was exciting to be on TV!! Preston saw me while he was working and was so jealous.

tiny e said...

So awesome!!!

Marty said...

I agree w/ you Erik.. Good job Kristi! But the trombone player is a no talent arse clown..

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