Monday, September 15, 2008

Killer Iphone Apps!

As more of my friends are acquiring iphones, i feel like i need to do a small post or 2 on the Iphone. before getting into that though, I want to remind all ITUNES users to update to version 8. Its really great!
Anyway, Here are some of my "Must Have" Applications
#1 - Is Movies. Its a free app I heard about from PB and its really cool because say you want to see Batman... you click on this app and it uses the GPS to see where you are and then you choose Batman from the list of movies. It will show you a list of every theatre that is showing it (their address & Phone #'s) and all the times it is showing. It also offers reviews and trailers to watch. That is super convenient. Especially when traveling!

#2 - is Shazam. I still LOVE this app. Say you are driving in your car, hear a song on the radio that you like, you tap on shazam and hit "tag" and it will tell you who sings the song and what the name is. Then you have a whole list of songs to download if you want to do that later. YOu can download straight from that app as well.

#3 is aSleep. It is basically a sound machine with a timer on it so you can use it to fall asleep at night. Also soothing for babies. It has a billion sounds to choose from and is by FAR the cheapest sound machine i have ever owned! ha

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