Friday, September 12, 2008

Just some Randomness..

Auburn sent this to Erik in the mail. They didn't send ME one! It's am 8x10 photo of the AU band spelling out his name! dang!
Today I made these. Its almost like cooking! ha and I GREW this. Well except for the Mozarella. I didnt grow that but the Basil and Tomato is all me! Caprese Salad for 2!
Then today I strolled over to The Grout Household where Jenn has been painting their powder room! It looks really great, although the pics are crappy. She did a neat dark grey that is the same shade on both bottom and top but the bottom is Gloss and the top is Matte. It looks really dang cool. She saw the idea on Ralph Lauren website.
and this.. I just saw it and thought it was really cute on You might even see me wearing it this Winter! ha
In Family news we have all had a good week. Bro is having a new Romance but since he is so private that is all I know! ha and Julie is in the mountains with 7 of her girlfriends celebrating girl things like Nail Polish and Designer Jeans! Erik & I will be entertaining all weekend as Nicole is coming into town from N. Carolina & Steph Pulfrey & her fiance Jason Seals from Monroeville via Bham. The boys will watch football and the girls will go dancing.


grizaham said...

Well, i was pretty famous at the AU. Great caprese salad today!
War eagle.

kristicpoltrack said...

Hi LG, your tomato thingy looks really good! I'm finally getting a lot of tomatoes from my plant and am on the lookout for tomato recipes. BTW, I got one of those Auburn name pics in the mail, too. I am excited because tonight is the 1st night I've had a chance to watch AU play on TV. War Eagle!!

Julie Bray said...

your Caprese looks great! Reminds me of just about every meal in Italy. I bet it was delish with your home grown tomatoes and basil!
So, how is the gnocchi recipe going?

ml said...

Hays got one of those pics too. Except it said "Robert Latimer" which made it not quite as cool.

Jessica Chapman said...

cool stuff!

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