Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Titans Season Again!

WE got up at 7am yesterday to go tailgate for the Titans Game! YIKES that was early. The Warrens were in town from Bham and brought their dogchild Lola who is a Maltese. We had a Big fun time! After the game yesterday all the stinky boys watched football in the Living room and all the girls layed in our bed with all the puppies watching the VMA's.
Ralphie has been begging meto buy him a Jersey every year and so I finally just broke down and bought him one this year. He loves it and is still wearing it today.
And here is how I entertained myself during the game... however it was SO hot that I left in the 2nd quarter.


Andrea said...

Thanks for having us! We had so much fun!

Julie Bray said...

who has the face painted and flaming hair?!?! I think Erik needs some of that! Love Ralphie's jersey!

grizaham said...

Laura left in the 1st quarter! Don't let her fool you! Haha.. It was about 100 degrees in the sun though.. IT was a tough one! Go TITANS!!

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