Friday, September 26, 2008

HVAC 101

Sometimes I blog for fun, and sometimes I blog so you guys will learn from our mistakes. Today is a learn from our mistakes kind of day.
Turns out it wasn't really a big coincidence that our vents needed cleaning and our AC stopped working all in one week. Besides the sheet rock dust messing up all the coils in the vent, turns out my from West Elm, that sheds more than 21 sheepdogs all living inside.. has caused its own share of cloggage. In fact you can see in the filter that it is mostly orange..from orange rug fuzz.
So when your air stops working, top 3 things to check are A. have you changed yoru filter lately. Turns out it actually serves a purpose! B. Is your AC unit frozen over? If so cutting it off for a few hours long enoiugh to thaw out could do the trick .. C. Antifreeze

Anyway, we are all up and working now and it was fairly painless...

Oh also, as sidenote.. today I woke up for the 1st time in a LONG tome without all those clouds in my no congestion! Pretty rad! Hopefully that will be the case from here on out..


Scott Terry said...

I love how there is a juicy bag behind the repairman!

Linzy said...

this is why we had to change the air filters every other month at westshore!! SOO glad i dont have to do that anymore...

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