Monday, September 22, 2008

Featured New Products!

Here are my featured picks from the Turnip Truck this week! Above is a skin care line I recently started using and LOVE. In about 3 days my pores are smaller and clean! I didnt know this was possible without a facial ! You can buy sample kits or just order some samples online from the site. It is some German scientist chick who developed these on the premise that the more you mess with your skin the worse it will look, so its all natural and focuses on letting your skin breathe. So rather than sitting on your skin, these products are absorbed by the skin..
Anyway I highly recommend it!
I love this Chocolate bar. We sell them and I am always amazed by how many people rave over it. So today I finally bought one, fully expecting to hate it and feel sad for the loss of $2. Instead I love it and feel sad for the expensive habit I will probably acquire. You can read about them HERE. I assure you it is delish.
Here is a Quick Quote:
"There is synergy in the chilies and chocolate that make this bar almost mind altering, perhaps it causes the simultaneous srelease of endorphins and serotonin. Whatever the reason, it is the most stimulating bar we have made," says Timothy Moley, Chocolove's chocolatier.


Dusty Otwell said...

Where's your pics from the AU - LSU weekend?

Lizzy said...

mmmmmm 2 things I love....products and chocolate!

What I Know said...

So this evan healy stuff sounds fabulous. What product should I try first?

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