Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cool Idea!

Lately, I have been getting EVERY catalog under the sun. I get lot sof ones for the older crowd that are quite interesting, and I cant help but look through all of them.So if anyone knows that website to unsubscribe from these catalogs, please leave it in the comments... otherwise I may go broke! ha just kiddin... but I do sort of miss my UPS man!
Now what about this thing? You just sweep up all your scromples and towards this machine here which will suck it up! Personally I use the dust buster Hays & Meredith gave us for a wedding present!


Linzy said...

what an incredible invention!! i want one!

Andrea said...

auhays said...

Dust buster = as good a gift as mucho baby diapers! Thanks!

P.S.- You couldn't get Erik to dust buster the air vents?

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