Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apple's Big Annoucement

Today Steve Jobs had anew keynote! It was pretty fun! You can watch it HERE. The short version is for me to tell you these things:
  • There is a NEW nano on the market. It comes in lots of fun colors, is shaped like the old skool models and you can shake it to shuffle your songs.
  • Apple is making some new headphones with built in mics that are pretty nice. Once set for $29 and one set for $79. Available in October.
  • The Ipod Touch is now thinner and has the built in technology for the Nike+ program so you wont need any special adapters. HOORAY. Now where is this for iphone?@%^*&(
  • There is a new feature in iTunes called Genius which is an intuitive playlist maker.
  • HD Tv shows are being added to Itunes and NBC shows are back like Heroes.
  • Big update for the Iphone available on Friday!
Another really cool thing is that Jack Johnson performed after the Key Note b.c he is the #1 selling Male Artist in Itunes History. That's neat and he is such a cool nice guy Im glad that it's him!


grizaham said...

Love to hear about cool new stuff coming out. Looking forward to the iphone update!

chad g. said...

I heard Erik Graham and Jack Johnson are special friends.

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