Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterdays dinner night

We had a fabulous meal on the beach at Tabasco's/ JJ recommended it and he was so smart to do that ! It was very "pink pony-ish". Here I am with a guy serenading us with my fav. Mexican tunes. Besame Mucho & One Guantemera. I LOVE when they play and sing at our tables. Erik is only slightly embarrassed by this.
J.J. , Julia's man is picking out our food. It is so fun to have a Mexican man around interpreting and stuff for us!
Our view.

Fantastic Day! Matt & Scott have just arrived and we are about to go to the beach.


Mississippi Candice said...

Tell Matt I made an appointment with him for Tuesday! He better not be hung over and mess up my do!

Cory Swindle said...

We miss you guys! Come home! Glad you are having fun are awesome!! Kudos for blogging on vacation!

Jessica Chapman said...

loves! hi matt and erikface!

Anonymous said...

Schnurr from NYC here. Looks like you crazy boys and girls are having an amazing time eating pancakes & tacos (maybe even pancake flavored tacos), swimming in never ending pools, eating dinner a top white sandy beaches and viewing post-card'esque sun sets. Be good and say hi to Julia for me! -Schnurr

Julie said...

So much fun eating dinner on the beach! And the music was a big highlight! Plus a little late-night swimming in the ocean...perfect!

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