Monday, August 18, 2008

Yesterday was "Make Friends" Day

We have made lots of new friends this year. We had a super cool family from Cali we hung out with most of the day. They had 2 daughters and a son who was about to be 21 who had Down Syndrome and he was so awesome. Their whole family dynamic and interaction was amazing and he (mike) had a huge crush on Julie and he kept telling me how pretty my daughter was!
Then last night we had a fun date night. Julie and JJ double dated with Erik and I to this place called Baja Cantina on the beach. We had a $100 voucher from our time share work so we used that to have a big fun fancy dinner with Lobster and my new favorite thing JJ turned me on to, called Michalattas (sp?) He was really funny and had lots of good stories to tell us over dinner.
Today we spent most of our day at Blanco by the pool and in the ocean. We went back to the Melia where Erikface and I got married and had some mojitos and looked around. It's not as fancy as it once was and was full of obnoxiously drunk College kids (thanks MTV) so we left there and got ready to go to our new resort Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Right about that time was when Erik realized he had misplaced his iphone. Pretty tense there for about 30 mins but we checked with lost and found and the maid had turned it in. We promptly called her downstairs so we could thank her and HUG her and TIP her. What a good lady. That is the 3rd time here in Cabo that we have misplaced or lost something important and each time it has been returned to us. I cant say that would happen ANYWHERE we go in the US.
Mom, I got some really cute (henna) tattoos today( I know that makes you proud ha)! The same one I always get on my ankle and a new one on my wrist. If I can EVER get this internet to work properly I will load all these pics to show you guys!

This afternoon in the Sky pool we made lots of new yankee friends and we are all gonna go to the beach together tomorrow.


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Mikey was so cute! A great family for sure!

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