Sunday, August 31, 2008

What did the 1st Dog child prince of love say to the 1st human nephew child?

He said "Get OUT" ha ... just kidding. The doggles love kids, and were very curious about him, but more curious about the one bagillion accessories he comes with. Ralphie tried several times to run off with his toys, and at least 3 times to sleep in Will's moses basket.
Apparently there is a great need for me to blog this since about 10 people asked me upon hearing I was gonna keep will " But what will you do with those dogs?" , I wanted to say "you mean besides just feed will to them?" GAH seriously ya'll, the dogs are fine, domesticated sweet little things and the live here so they were gonna hang out with us! I am not gonna throw them in the street when babies come around. Will really liked them, and was always reaching and trying SO hard to get to him , but as well as sweet, they are also smart and would always stay just out of reach. He was kind of rough on the fur! But it was a very nice and sweet first meeting!

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Julie Bray said...

That is WAY TOO MUCH AU stuff!!! Already "brain-washing" him, uh... (:
Get him some crimson stuff too... Or at least Titans.

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