Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today was Time Share Day!

Today, early morning we did the time share tour. It was pretty funny. For those who dont know, you go on these tours for 90 mins and they give you lots of free stuff, even cash. They try to sell you hard, REALLY hard.. which is annoying but I was Ok with it since I knew the routine I just wanted to get all the vouchers and cash and so we did it and it is also fun to see the new developments and hotels so each year when we come down we know where we want to stay or hang out. Our "realtor" lady was hilarious. She looked like Nicolette Sheridan , after probably 40 million procedures. I'm pretty sure she couldnt blink, due to the way her eyes were tied back behind her ears. I couldnt focus on anything she was saying b.c i was so buys looking at her. She made a point to tell us , many times that her son was 30 so that we could tell her how great she looks for her age. ha Then Erikface, smooth guy that he is, looks at me and says " I hope you look that good when you are her age!" HA so I guess some people do think that is attractive.

Last night we had dinner at the office and had a great time. It was somewhat of a sad dinner cause we talked about a lot of heavy things and all of our memories but it was also really good. Just a really nice, relaxing family time bonding with a beautiful view!
The weather has been great and we are making lots of fun friends today!
we miss our California friends from last year so if you guys are reading, email us! We want to know if you are here this week.


Cory Swindle said...

Beautiful view!! Glad you guys are bonding out there and make sure and have a Mojito for me because I start the new jobby job tomorrow!!

grizaham said...

Mojitos! That is all i am drinking at the 1 hour happy hour! :)

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