Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Week In Review

I try to not ever blog without pictures but that is just how it has to be tonight. I am WORN out. I have had to work both at the Truck and on my website since we got back from Mexico. That and the fact that this house looks like a train wreck has prevented me from blogging much.
I have had an interesting week at work though and learned some interesting things. One is another use for Quinqua. (sounds like Keen-wa). It is very good for you and lots of restaurants are using it in dishes but this week a man came in looking for it and we were out and he kind of freaked so I asked him what he was making and he said " My baby drinks it" and i was like HUH ? He said that its an old Amish trick. You boil it and then blend it and add some Agave nectar and liquid vitamins and it makes baby formula.Besides being totally natural and nutritious , it is also about 10% the cost of buying baby formula! Who knew?
Another thing, that I am still learning about is Gluten. The fun thing about truck shoppers is their willingness to discuss ( at length) their food, diets and ailments. A girl told me this week about how she learned she had an allergy to Gluten Protein ( which is in a lot of breads, grains etc) and it has all sorts of side effects like frequent headaches, intestinal issues, miscarriages, LOTS of things.. so I am wondering if any of you know about this stuff ? Here is a resource
I learned more stuff, but I am too tired to recall it right now. Gotta get caught up on my stories and then go to bed!


grizaham said...

i had an interesting tofu wrap with sprouts from the Truck today.. It was very interesting and tasty..

Kelly said...

Gluten free diets are also growing very popular among parents for their kids with Autism. Jenny McCarthy swears she has brought her son out of autism with this gluten-free diet!

Cary said...

Susannah's godmother has whatever disease (or problem) and she has to have a gluten free diet. She was having horrible problems before they FINALLY figured out what was wrong and had lost close to 40 lbs!

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