Monday, August 25, 2008

Speaking of Football

I got an email today about one of the coolest things I have heard about in a while. Its a website designed for organized tailgating. Basically the facebook of Tailgate world. Its really neat cause you can just log in and read about tailgates like an evite and see who all is coming and stuff like that.
I will make a group for our AU tailgate as soon as you guys tell me what it should be called. All the "Tailgate Groups" have neato names. Suggestions?

Check out the site ( no worries its free). Thanks M.M. for the email about this!



Kyle said...

What else would it be called but "Tailgation Nation". War Eagle!

tiny e said...

I made us a tailgate! I named us Tailgation Nation. I don't have everyone's emails so look it up if you're interested! WDE!!!

Julie said...

We need to start planning up the UGA/AU game tailgate! Yeah!

LG said...

Agreed! Julie you start that one up on the message board. Join that tailgating site so you can comment

grizaham said...

War eagle!
gonna be a fun year no doubt!

Kara said...

Hey Mrs Griza, hope to see you down there somtime this year!

Lindsey said...



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