Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Today was My First Day at the New job

and it was totally rad! Reminds me so much of my Cheeburger Cheeburger days. Both my Cheeburger job, and my SSW job I loved almost every second of, mostly b.c of my co workers and I have a feeling this job will be much like that! I enjoyed very much all the people I met and I really enjoy the dude that owns it. If I ran a business that is exactly how I would do it. All his rules and standards are fair and he is bringing back customer service.
NOTHING irritates me more than spending money somewhere that the cashier or employees look all disgruntled that I am there or that they are there. It will be so refreshing to be a part of something that is bringing back the joy in shopping and they way all stores ought to be.
Also its really nice to work where there is a mutual respect between employee and employer.
More to come as I go back tomorrow from 1-5


grizaham said...

Glad you liked it love. Now bring home some bacon! And some good turnip truck foods.. ;)

Linzy said...

congrats!! I didn't even know you were def going to work there. Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I will have to come visit you at work! Amy

Scott Terry said...

Thats exciting!

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