Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matt & Scott's 1st Full day!

Today was Matt & Scott's 1st Full day of Cabo, and unfortunately for them it was cloudy, but probably fortunate for me since my dang rash is back! Ugh! We hung out most of the day at the Pueblo Bonito Blanco. Tonight we are going downtown for dinner and dancing. So far the wildest time we have had yet, has been in the Cab rides. They always immediately start playing "american" music which is kind of hilarious. Last night it was Toni Braxton ( the spanish version) and Bon Jovi and we belted it out like it was Lyrical night. I have noticed this year that my spanish is getting much better. I can actually make phrases and say things in the correct tone! One day I will be fluent! ha Candis, Matt says hi to you and Jess! Schnurr so glad you are reading the blog! Adios Amigos. CoCo - Matt wants you to see what he is reading! He said no wonder you stayed under cover for a whole weekend reading!


Jessica Chapman said...

LG, i'm so jellies of your mexcian trips, i can't wait to go in Feb!

Courtney said...

yay mattie!! isnt it the BEST book EVER?!?! laura lu, you best get on top of that asap!! give my boys hugs and kisses for me!!!

Julie said...

We never got to say goodbye to Mario! Sadness. Encantamos Mario!

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