Friday, August 1, 2008

The Latest in the Make-Up Battle...

Prescriptives won out! I had several people suggest it and I had never tried it so I sauntered over to the Prescriptives counter and had a makeover to test them out and those ladies were GOOD at what they do. They did a perfect match to my skin color. The also introduced me to some magical eye cream that they put under your eyes and it gets all hot under there and somehow makes the bags go away and fills in all the lines which makes you look SO refreshed and well- rested! I didnt allow myself to purchase that though as it was $65
What did did get though was the pressed powder, that you apply with a mineral powder brush, and some tinted moist urizer type stuff that has the slightest shimmer in it giving you a real fresh faced look and both products had SPF in them. So far I am VERY pleased! Thanks to everyone for all the feedback! That was awesome!


Courtney said...

I was a Prescriptives girl before I switched. It's good stuff, I think you'll like it!

Anonymous said...

I wear both, good choice! Amy

Anonymous said...

Prescriptives is the BEST...just restocked all my makeup with Prescpriptives. HAve you tried the MAGIC loose powder! WONDERFUL!

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