Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Night was Secret Date Night!

and maybe you don't know what "Secret Date Night" is? Well, it is when Snugs plans a date for us and doesn't tell me, like a surprise. The only thing about that was now that I have a job, I was of coarse working on secret date night! But lucky for us we still got to go! Erik had bought tickets for us to see THE SILVER BEATS. You may not remember THIS post about when we saw The Killers in concert and their opening band was The Silver Beats.
They are a Beatles cover band, comprised of Japanese Kids. Its totally awesome b.c they look and dress just like the beatles, not to mention sounding like them. They dont speak much English though, which is really funny when they try to talk in between songs.
What's awesome about Japanese artists, is their enjoyment of what they are doing, and their humility. They really appreciate their fans and dont act too cool for school like most bands I know. They also play songs back to back to back... no breaks and all that jazz. Just hardcore rock n roll and it was awesome..
I have some pics on Erik's phone of me with My Japanese Boyfriend/John Lennon and also with the Japanese Ringo.. I will post those later today.
Thanks to my snuggly husband for being so creative with date night! That was an awesome surprise!


Cory Swindle said...

Glad to hear that you guys had a good date night!!

grizaham said...

The Silver Beats rocked.. They sound so much like the Beatles! Looking forward to seeing them for a 3rd time when / wherever that may be.. Tokyo???

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