Saturday, August 16, 2008

In route to CABO

Today started pretty early at 4am! We are currently in Texas on a
layover. I snapped this picture while in route bc I was surprised to
See so many people sleeping with their mouths open! Do y'all sleep
like that? I don't think I do?! Ha
Thanks to Grum for the early morning taxi ride to the dang airport. He
is nicer than me cause at 4am I would have said "take a cab!".
Erik and I just got major props from some other travelers when we
broke out our extension cord to maximize outlet usage for our gadgets!
He was very quick to remind me that it was HIS idea to bring that
extension cord! Ha


Cory Swindle said...

Have fun!!

chad g. said...

I catch myself on planes waking up with my mouth wide open and a big puddle of drool on the man's head sitting in front of me. They never seem to mind too much....

auhays said...

Margaret Anne sleeps with her mouth open like her mom

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