Thursday, August 7, 2008

I like to call this "Multi-Tasking"

Pretend my hair isnt looking heinous in this pic! ha


grizaham said...

You are a great multi tasker when it involves electronics!! :)

Cory said...

You make Baby + iPhone look very cool Laura! Chad goes "Who's Baby is that?" I was like chill Chad we just saw them a couple weeks ago!

LG said...

LOl that is my Nephew!!

thisismamashouse said...

Girl, I have so been there!! Just wait till it's a baby on one boob, a kid with a book beside you,and you're talking on the phone with the laptop in your lap. Oh yeah, and the tv's on of course to keep the others entertained.

And I wonder why my brain is mush??

Bryan McCombs said...

I certainly could use a sitter every once in awhile....the commute wouldn't be that bad!

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