Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Morning AUntee! Would you like some Pee with that?

This morning Will slept until about 9:30... probably b.c he had some late night action. So right when he woke up I said well lets just check your diaper and change it before we get out of bed, so he was laying in our bed and I was changing it and it turned out to be a pretty disastrous situation once I got down to it. Flossie and Ralphie were both watching very intently then all of a sudden, he just starts peeing straight up in the air like a fountain and it got EVERYWHERE, and flossie looked at me like " Hey mom, why doesnt he get a spanking for peeing in the bed?!" I then was dying laughing, then will started laughing and Erik , who is sleeping rolls over and goes , WHAT is going on over there! It was quite the way to wake up I tell you. Next time I will make sure both eyes are fully open before changing diapers!

This is a little outfit I bought him Friday. Shopping for baby stuff is near impossible if you dont have one, b.c all the sizes and weights are really confusing. This one I thought was aperfect compromise between me (peace) and my bro's (camo) taste. You can see will liked it!


Granpa Graham said...

It takes one diaper change for male babies and one learns to cup one's hand apropriately when changing diapers.

grizaham said...

haha.. it was a very funny way to wake up. will is very cute and likes to move alot..

Julie Bray said...

HA! You need peepee teepees! Available online @ cheeky monkey (among many other sites)
cute stuff there!

Aiden's Mommy said...

too funny! you would be amazed at how many times that has happen in our house!

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