Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Garden Progress over the Vaca

I was a little worried about how the garden would fare while we were away. Bro and Grout were in charge. They did a grand job. It rained really hard though and weighed everything down a good bit. Big boy has some yellow leaves right now. Not sure what that means?

Dad , something in my potato plant went wrong. This is what it grew. Both plants were dead when I got home and so i dug them up and this is all i got! ?
Lots of my cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes.. whatever they are called
And Big Boy had quite a crop too! Lots more green ones on there right now as well.


Cory said...

Looks like you should make some salsa! :)

Marlee said...

LG that's awesome! We grow our own tomatoes and veggies too. Let me know if you get into the heirloom ones...William is all about them!

grizaham said...

those little tomatoes are sweeeeeeeeet

Courtney said...

I'm impressed! I'll have to come steal some tomatoes soon. :)

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