Sunday, August 10, 2008

Foxy: The Saga Continues...

So we are at the festival and I see these flyers... that's FOXY! So foxy never made it home like I assumed... he has been staying with a neighbor. I called the number to ask if anyone had claimed foxy, and no one has. Erik is consistently on the NO train, but Foxy and I both know he would make a great watch dog.
The funny thing is, when I called to inquire about the dog, she was happy to have someone willing to take him off her hands, and then she asks me these questions:
"Do you have a fenced in back yard"
" Do you work from home"
"Do you have enough attention to give this dog"
etc etc.. and then I'm all. "Excuse me.. did I just call for a job interview and forget?!" I mean I just laughed b.c I couldn't believe all of that. It seemed really personal and kind of beside the point. Finding a home for the dang dog should be the priority IMO, and I certainly dont sound like a dog fighter or abuser right? I mean i have DOGCHILDREN... so it was a little offensive but she is a nice lady and trying to do the right thing so that's cool.
Now where can FOXY live? He is a Brilliant doggle! So he needs to live somewhere right? Come on Erikface... PUH-LEASEEEEEEEEE?!?!!?

1 comment:

Cary said...

I vote yes on Foxy! He would make a wonderful addition to the Graham family!

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