Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dear Momma,

WHERE. ARE.YOU.? We know that you are off in Mexico cause Uncle Louie told us and we just wanted to say we hope you are having a lot of fun with your feet in the sand while we hang out in a concrete apartment all week. We have called Uncle Bro and told him to come get us, but he hasnt come yet. Floss is totally getting on my nerves cause all she has done since we got here was bark and pee on my sleeping cushion. Please momma, if you love me, come get me stat. I did some reading up on Mexico and some of those places let you bring doggles. I'm about desperate enough to call my grandparents, even though I know they will probably try to make me sleep outside like some dog. Ugh. Call me momma!
Ralphie (your 1st born prince of Love dog child)

This is the doggie cabana at the Melia.


grizaham said...

Man i miss those little furry pups!

What I Know said...

I love Ralphie's letter to his momma! I can see how much he misses you in his sweet little eyes...when are you guys coming back? I think vacay has been long enough...time to come back to reality with the rest of us losers.

LG said...

Dang! Reality starts today.

Julie said...

Ralphie! I have missed his snuggles BIG time!

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