Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Day My Job Got Glamorous!

So today I am at work... and unbeknownst ( i think that is a word?) to me several stars came in! How about that for fun! Then my co-workers started telling me about all the fun stars that shop at the truck and I got all kinds of excited! Today was Lucinda Williams (below)

and MY MORNING JACKET! Can you believe it! All but one of them came in. Totally cool! Made my day.
Now that is just 2 more reasons on top of 20 Kazillion of why you should be shopping at The Turnip Truck!


grizaham said...

My Morning Jacket rules.... And so does the truck.

Cory Swindle said...

Does management have a "no celebrity picture policy?" if not I would stash a disposable camera in my bag at all times...they are easy to work and work when you need to snap a shot fast! :)

Marshall said...

you are kidding about MMJ.. was Jim James in there? the lead singer dude.. do they reside in Nashville now? me, jess, paul and robyn will be seeing them in about 2 weeks in the L

Marshall said...

Lucinda looks like she's from Frisco City.. no offense Brent

Lizzy said...

shut up! so cool, lg!

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