Thursday, August 7, 2008

DANG! I almost had a 3rd Dog Chile!

This is Foxy. I mean... I guess that is his name, cause he had no tag so I named him that. He followed me home today when I was walking. He walked the whole way with me as if he were on an invisible leash. It was fabulous. If he had to go investigate something or TT he would just veer off then and run and catch up with me. Then when we got home and he decided he should come inside, so I let him and gave him some water and then tried a few commands, just to see what all he knew. He knew them all! That is when I decided if no one claimed him, he would live here forever. I made him stay on the front porch though in case his owner was looking for him and eventually he left so I guess they found him, but dang! He was a sharp dog!
Also, I had lots of amusement at how terrified pedestrians were of him.. yelling and screaming at him to stay away, so loud that I could hear it while inside my house !
Come back Foxy!! I need you!!


grizaham said...

You could hear people screaming for him to stay away?? Wish i could have been there! haha That dog is WAY TO BIG to live at my crib.. ;)

Cary said...

Looks like that pupster needs some extra food!!! Put a food bowl out and you will probably become Foxy's new best friend!

LG said...

Dang! My dad said to feed him too and I didnt think of that before he went away!

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