Friday, August 1, 2008

Currently in Monroeville & Having Fascinating Convo

Last night I was in Birmingham and tonight I am in Monroeville. It is my grandmother's 75th Birthday "Tea" this weekend and Erik had to work so I made the trek alone.. listening to podcast after podcast all the way down.
Currently I am having a STN (Spend The Night) Party with my 2 Fav cousins. Anna is making Lanyard keychains and Richard is making characters (from video games and star wars) out of pipe cleaners. Its quite the trick. He made Erik a Darth Vadar one and me a Ralphie one.. only after I begged b/c apparently Ralphie is a boring subject matter.
They also would like me to let you all know they plan to sell their wares on ebay! They want to know what a good price point would be for said artwork... (please leave comments)

Before embarking upon our artistic journey, we took a trip to the local wal-mart, which is actually a REGULAR wal-mart (not superstore) and picked up all our supplies and stuck to our normal tradition of rolling all the windows down and BLASTING music and dancing.. when they were little I always played Jackson 5... now they want something more current and I struggle with finding appropriate songs..( No Kilo or Kanye for this crowd) but when the JONAS Brothers came on the radio they both went nuts.
Right after this Jonas Bros. mania AC described to me her perfect car she plans to get when she turns 16 (she is now 9) It will be "pastel pink with white interior and a white stripe on the exterior" then somehow this convo quickly went into "what would Erik look like with a beard" and richard replied in a rather disgusted voice " ugh he would look like a Hippie!"
It was at that point that I knew I had failed them as a good hippie role model... we have alot of ground to cover in one short weekend.


Rachel said...

Yay! I'm in Monroeville too. It's Emilie Nan's first bridal shower. Let the saga begin. :)

Cory said...

Hippies rule dude! :-)

Julie Bray said...

What's a hippie? I mean, really, what's the definition?- Someone with a beard...

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