Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cabo Wabo & The Zoo

I am behind on the blogs but I shall do a few now before dinner and try to catch up. The other night we went out to all the hot spots. It was really fun and The Zoo was our fav b/c of the good jams. However, my thighs are NOT happy about all of my dancing shennanigans. I can barely go up and down stairs without hobbling. When will i ever realize Im not 18 anymore. Drat.
Then last night we went on a free Sunset Dinner cruise. It was pretty fun and we met some neat people. Right when you get off the boat you are bombarded by people, usually children selling things. This one lady wanted me to hold her gigantor lizard and pay for for the picture we took. She also insisted i put it on my head, and you cant see him very good from that angle.


grizaham said...

Fun things always happen when you get of the boooooooooze cruise!

Julie said...

True! That dancing was so fun! I could not keep up with the dancing master J.J. though!

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