Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cabo Day 1: Its all about Priorities!!

We have arrived Safe, sound and quite happy! Its gorgeous here! They offered us an upgrade from our meager accomodations to a suite for $50 and we happily accepted. This is the view from our porch!

The first thing we did after checking in was hop in the ocean!
This is where erik almost drown me. For those that dont know, I am not a good swimmer and have some issues with water so when someone grabs me in the water it freaks me out a bit. Then I almost drown him while clinging on for bare life. ha (bro does this sound familiar)
Then we promptly ordered Mojitos and Ceviche! YUMMMMM
We have free wi-fi by the pool.. (how convienent! ha) so while my famliel naps I update you all! We are considering going on a hotel tour in the morning.. we know its a scam but just for showing up we get $100, 2 bottles of tequila, 2 mexican blankets, a dinner boat cruise for 5 , 2 bottles of kaluha which I will trade for glass boat rides! Lets just say on our 3rd year down here we definately know how to work the system and I am always the negotiator since I am so bossy! ha So tomorrow morning I will probably be taking one for the team and going to this breakfast for the swag. Ha


Scott Terry said...

I cant believe we will actually be there too!

chad g. said...

I am so jealous. I'm going to put a sign in your front yard that says "These people are in CABO and you're not!".

chad g. said...

Oh and Erik not only is your woman a hottie, but that girl on your swimsuit is pretty HAWT also...

auhays said...

Looks awesome! The water is beautiful and I would like for you to mail me the drink in the picture!

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