Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At& T can Shove it.

Dear At&T,
I am writing you to publicly claim what should be a paycheck from you guys each month. I am SICK and tired of having to call and give you guys a reality check on our bill EVERY month.
No, I dont want bundled services so you can charge me an extra $40 a month in some weird taxes, and then take off my $3 a month savings. NO THANK YOU.
No, i dont want to hear your sschpill, No I dont give a dang HOOT about discussing the weather with you, or where I live, or what I have been doing today. This isnt a social call!
Now when I say BASIC phone line, I mean a one line on the bill, no call waiting , 911, caller ID NOTHING.... just a line, and just so you know, that line shouldnt cost $70, nor should it cost $50... NOR should I have to break out a calculator and teach one of your "employees" how to add every DANG time I am going through this bill.
Now, if I didnt have to go to work, I would finish wearing you out, but since I do need to go, I will just leave you with the reminder to send me a check for $50 a month on the phone bill headache and then $10 per person I have talked into an iphone.
Get it together


Cory Swindle said...

Yeah...somehow we are paying more now with our AT&T "bundle" package than we were with Comcast...huh?

LG said...

its all a bunch of malarky! I made that dude break out a calculator and add with me till he finally saw things my way.

grizaham said...

Kill big Oil!

auhays said...

AT&T represents everything that is soul-less & wrong in this world...

Phillip said...

I was fed up with the them about a year ago. I switched to vonage. They have 500 minutes (local or long distance) for 15.99 but it to is 20.21 per month with taxes and everything.

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