Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 1st Griza Baby-Gate

This weekend, snuggle nephew Will was in town and Erik and I got to babysit him Saturday night. So what do you do when you have a baby around for the AU game? You babygate! We called some friends to come over with their kids, as well as some of our friends (w/o kids) just to show him off!
You can see him above with Courtney in his AU gear! Below is "Sellers Jr." or Allie Sellers, Jeff & Tammy Sellers daughter. BTW ya'll Jeff and Tammy are having another baby in Feb! This was the 1st time I have hung out with her since she could talk and she was hilarious and very chatty like her daddy! She is also a SERIOUS Auburn fan.

Erik has found himself a new BFF. I had a video of him singing will the AU fight song while rocking him but he threatened to kill me if I didnt delete that immediately. ha
Here is Sean-y-bug with baby Will, as usual everyone loves sean,.... including baby Will.


Cary said...

This picture of Sean & Will is the sweetest ever!!! And Will looks ADORABLE in his AU outfit!!

Lizzy said... it

Caroline's Mom said...

too cute! does this make you want to have a baby soon?? this would send me running away!!! LOL

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