Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Morning AUntee! Would you like some Pee with that?

This morning Will slept until about 9:30... probably b.c he had some late night action. So right when he woke up I said well lets just check your diaper and change it before we get out of bed, so he was laying in our bed and I was changing it and it turned out to be a pretty disastrous situation once I got down to it. Flossie and Ralphie were both watching very intently then all of a sudden, he just starts peeing straight up in the air like a fountain and it got EVERYWHERE, and flossie looked at me like " Hey mom, why doesnt he get a spanking for peeing in the bed?!" I then was dying laughing, then will started laughing and Erik , who is sleeping rolls over and goes , WHAT is going on over there! It was quite the way to wake up I tell you. Next time I will make sure both eyes are fully open before changing diapers!

This is a little outfit I bought him Friday. Shopping for baby stuff is near impossible if you dont have one, b.c all the sizes and weights are really confusing. This one I thought was aperfect compromise between me (peace) and my bro's (camo) taste. You can see will liked it!

What did the 1st Dog child prince of love say to the 1st human nephew child?

He said "Get OUT" ha ... just kidding. The doggles love kids, and were very curious about him, but more curious about the one bagillion accessories he comes with. Ralphie tried several times to run off with his toys, and at least 3 times to sleep in Will's moses basket.
Apparently there is a great need for me to blog this since about 10 people asked me upon hearing I was gonna keep will " But what will you do with those dogs?" , I wanted to say "you mean besides just feed will to them?" GAH seriously ya'll, the dogs are fine, domesticated sweet little things and the live here so they were gonna hang out with us! I am not gonna throw them in the street when babies come around. Will really liked them, and was always reaching and trying SO hard to get to him , but as well as sweet, they are also smart and would always stay just out of reach. He was kind of rough on the fur! But it was a very nice and sweet first meeting!

The 1st Griza Baby-Gate

This weekend, snuggle nephew Will was in town and Erik and I got to babysit him Saturday night. So what do you do when you have a baby around for the AU game? You babygate! We called some friends to come over with their kids, as well as some of our friends (w/o kids) just to show him off!
You can see him above with Courtney in his AU gear! Below is "Sellers Jr." or Allie Sellers, Jeff & Tammy Sellers daughter. BTW ya'll Jeff and Tammy are having another baby in Feb! This was the 1st time I have hung out with her since she could talk and she was hilarious and very chatty like her daddy! She is also a SERIOUS Auburn fan.

Erik has found himself a new BFF. I had a video of him singing will the AU fight song while rocking him but he threatened to kill me if I didnt delete that immediately. ha
Here is Sean-y-bug with baby Will, as usual everyone loves sean,.... including baby Will.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Week In Review

I try to not ever blog without pictures but that is just how it has to be tonight. I am WORN out. I have had to work both at the Truck and on my website since we got back from Mexico. That and the fact that this house looks like a train wreck has prevented me from blogging much.
I have had an interesting week at work though and learned some interesting things. One is another use for Quinqua. (sounds like Keen-wa). It is very good for you and lots of restaurants are using it in dishes but this week a man came in looking for it and we were out and he kind of freaked so I asked him what he was making and he said " My baby drinks it" and i was like HUH ? He said that its an old Amish trick. You boil it and then blend it and add some Agave nectar and liquid vitamins and it makes baby formula.Besides being totally natural and nutritious , it is also about 10% the cost of buying baby formula! Who knew?
Another thing, that I am still learning about is Gluten. The fun thing about truck shoppers is their willingness to discuss ( at length) their food, diets and ailments. A girl told me this week about how she learned she had an allergy to Gluten Protein ( which is in a lot of breads, grains etc) and it has all sorts of side effects like frequent headaches, intestinal issues, miscarriages, LOTS of things.. so I am wondering if any of you know about this stuff ? Here is a resource
I learned more stuff, but I am too tired to recall it right now. Gotta get caught up on my stories and then go to bed!

Granpa's Political Corner: The First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".

Should protestations and demonstrations be legal or illegal? Are there any limitations that apply to protestations and demonstrations? Do protestations and demonstrations go beyond the limits of free speech? Does free speech include the provision that the "free speecher" has the right to harass people by making them hear the "speecher"? Does an individual have the right not to have the "speecher" interfere with that person's life by harranging them with things they prefer not to listen to?

These questions came to mind when I read of a planned veterans memorial service nearby. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (A Topeka, Kansas-based church) had targeted the memorial service for protest. Signs with slogans such as, "Thank god for dead soldiers", "God blew up the troops", "God hates America", "America is doomed" and others were to be hoisted at the service. Adjacent to the article a piece by a columnist who advised people at the memorial to stand in line with others, turn your backs on the protesters and ignore them. I respectfully disagreed in a letter to the columnist but received no reply.

I haven't looked it up but I believe the concept of "free speech" originated by designating an area where one could go, mount a soap box, and tell anyone who would listen their opinion, but only in that area. For me the problem of protestations began with president L.B.J. when he came on television and allowed that it was all-right for people to go out and lie in the streets to demonstrate their protesting.

To me "freedom of speech" means you have the right to express your opinion but it does not include the right to force other persons to hear or listen to you. You are free to peaceably meet with persons of like belief and speak your piece but you do not have the right to speak your opinion in situations which prevent others from going about their business and avoid hearing your opinion. Protestations and demonstrations can be held in situations that do not infringe on the "rights" of others to conduct their lives. To ignore the intrusive protestations simply encourages more agressive behavior. I remind myself that when someone gains a "right" usually someone else looses a "right" and I think our permissive society has allowed protestations and demonstrations to go too far.

We will have the opportunity to witness protestations and demonstrations when the two political parties have their conventions.

Granpa Graham

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Garden Progress over the Vaca

I was a little worried about how the garden would fare while we were away. Bro and Grout were in charge. They did a grand job. It rained really hard though and weighed everything down a good bit. Big boy has some yellow leaves right now. Not sure what that means?

Dad , something in my potato plant went wrong. This is what it grew. Both plants were dead when I got home and so i dug them up and this is all i got! ?
Lots of my cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes.. whatever they are called
And Big Boy had quite a crop too! Lots more green ones on there right now as well.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Stuff Ever! Tarte Lip Balm

I got this little sample of Tarte 24.7 Lip Balm in a Sunscreen Kit from Sephora earlier this year and didn't use it till this trip. Its like lip gloss with SPF in it as well as color. Has no taste and isnt all sticky but looks FAB. The color I tried and loved was called "thursday" but they have a whole selection on Sephora's website.
Full size is $14. If you are a chapstick fanatic this is for you!

Speaking of Football

I got an email today about one of the coolest things I have heard about in a while. Its a website designed for organized tailgating. Basically the facebook of Tailgate world. Its really neat cause you can just log in and read about tailgates like an evite and see who all is coming and stuff like that.
I will make a group for our AU tailgate as soon as you guys tell me what it should be called. All the "Tailgate Groups" have neato names. Suggestions?

Check out the site ( no worries its free). Thanks M.M. for the email about this!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yesterday was Pool Day ( inbetween rain)

Everything we did yesterday was in the pool. Swimming, laying out, reading, basketball,even lunch.

Here I am finishing my 2nd book " The Race" which is fiction but very interesting. See my new cool tattoo Momma?
Group Pic before Dinner!
We ate at Marisco's Mazatlan Seafood restaurant. I had Blue Crabs cooked in garlic. Everyone else had fish and shrimps except JJ.
He had some delicious thing which amounted to Grilled Shark ( i think) called Pescado sarandiado. It was really good!

The Tropical Depression Has Arrived

The rain has been crazy here thanks to this tropical depression. It rains maybe 4 times a year here and of coarse it does it the whole time Matt & Scott are here. Since it rarely rains, they have no measures to deal with it, no drainage system, and so the streets FILL UP with rain. Knee deep. It rushes through like a flood and is crazy to see. Here is a pic of it draining off into the ocean. Scott has more so I will post those later.

Today we haven't left the room later. The hallway is filled with rain and here is the maid trying to sweep it out.
Here is a video of the winds and crazyness. I kind of want to cry that our last days are clouded by this rain and boredom.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cabo Wabo & The Zoo

I am behind on the blogs but I shall do a few now before dinner and try to catch up. The other night we went out to all the hot spots. It was really fun and The Zoo was our fav b/c of the good jams. However, my thighs are NOT happy about all of my dancing shennanigans. I can barely go up and down stairs without hobbling. When will i ever realize Im not 18 anymore. Drat.
Then last night we went on a free Sunset Dinner cruise. It was pretty fun and we met some neat people. Right when you get off the boat you are bombarded by people, usually children selling things. This one lady wanted me to hold her gigantor lizard and pay for for the picture we took. She also insisted i put it on my head, and you cant see him very good from that angle.

Dear Momma,

WHERE. ARE.YOU.? We know that you are off in Mexico cause Uncle Louie told us and we just wanted to say we hope you are having a lot of fun with your feet in the sand while we hang out in a concrete apartment all week. We have called Uncle Bro and told him to come get us, but he hasnt come yet. Floss is totally getting on my nerves cause all she has done since we got here was bark and pee on my sleeping cushion. Please momma, if you love me, come get me stat. I did some reading up on Mexico and some of those places let you bring doggles. I'm about desperate enough to call my grandparents, even though I know they will probably try to make me sleep outside like some dog. Ugh. Call me momma!
Ralphie (your 1st born prince of Love dog child)

This is the doggie cabana at the Melia.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matt & Scott's 1st Full day!

Today was Matt & Scott's 1st Full day of Cabo, and unfortunately for them it was cloudy, but probably fortunate for me since my dang rash is back! Ugh! We hung out most of the day at the Pueblo Bonito Blanco. Tonight we are going downtown for dinner and dancing. So far the wildest time we have had yet, has been in the Cab rides. They always immediately start playing "american" music which is kind of hilarious. Last night it was Toni Braxton ( the spanish version) and Bon Jovi and we belted it out like it was Lyrical night. I have noticed this year that my spanish is getting much better. I can actually make phrases and say things in the correct tone! One day I will be fluent! ha Candis, Matt says hi to you and Jess! Schnurr so glad you are reading the blog! Adios Amigos. CoCo - Matt wants you to see what he is reading! He said no wonder you stayed under cover for a whole weekend reading!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterdays dinner night

We had a fabulous meal on the beach at Tabasco's/ JJ recommended it and he was so smart to do that ! It was very "pink pony-ish". Here I am with a guy serenading us with my fav. Mexican tunes. Besame Mucho & One Guantemera. I LOVE when they play and sing at our tables. Erik is only slightly embarrassed by this.
J.J. , Julia's man is picking out our food. It is so fun to have a Mexican man around interpreting and stuff for us!
Our view.

Fantastic Day! Matt & Scott have just arrived and we are about to go to the beach.

Sunset at the Sky Pool!

Erik doing his best Michael Phelps imitation!

Room Service with a View!

Today Matt & Scott arrive so we are lingering in the room this morning and eating well! Breakfast is very important and usually the biggest meal we eat all day so we got Pancakes and French Toast!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yesterday was "Make Friends" Day

We have made lots of new friends this year. We had a super cool family from Cali we hung out with most of the day. They had 2 daughters and a son who was about to be 21 who had Down Syndrome and he was so awesome. Their whole family dynamic and interaction was amazing and he (mike) had a huge crush on Julie and he kept telling me how pretty my daughter was!
Then last night we had a fun date night. Julie and JJ double dated with Erik and I to this place called Baja Cantina on the beach. We had a $100 voucher from our time share work so we used that to have a big fun fancy dinner with Lobster and my new favorite thing JJ turned me on to, called Michalattas (sp?) He was really funny and had lots of good stories to tell us over dinner.
Today we spent most of our day at Blanco by the pool and in the ocean. We went back to the Melia where Erikface and I got married and had some mojitos and looked around. It's not as fancy as it once was and was full of obnoxiously drunk College kids (thanks MTV) so we left there and got ready to go to our new resort Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Right about that time was when Erik realized he had misplaced his iphone. Pretty tense there for about 30 mins but we checked with lost and found and the maid had turned it in. We promptly called her downstairs so we could thank her and HUG her and TIP her. What a good lady. That is the 3rd time here in Cabo that we have misplaced or lost something important and each time it has been returned to us. I cant say that would happen ANYWHERE we go in the US.
Mom, I got some really cute (henna) tattoos today( I know that makes you proud ha)! The same one I always get on my ankle and a new one on my wrist. If I can EVER get this internet to work properly I will load all these pics to show you guys!

This afternoon in the Sky pool we made lots of new yankee friends and we are all gonna go to the beach together tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today was Time Share Day!

Today, early morning we did the time share tour. It was pretty funny. For those who dont know, you go on these tours for 90 mins and they give you lots of free stuff, even cash. They try to sell you hard, REALLY hard.. which is annoying but I was Ok with it since I knew the routine I just wanted to get all the vouchers and cash and so we did it and it is also fun to see the new developments and hotels so each year when we come down we know where we want to stay or hang out. Our "realtor" lady was hilarious. She looked like Nicolette Sheridan , after probably 40 million procedures. I'm pretty sure she couldnt blink, due to the way her eyes were tied back behind her ears. I couldnt focus on anything she was saying b.c i was so buys looking at her. She made a point to tell us , many times that her son was 30 so that we could tell her how great she looks for her age. ha Then Erikface, smooth guy that he is, looks at me and says " I hope you look that good when you are her age!" HA so I guess some people do think that is attractive.

Last night we had dinner at the office and had a great time. It was somewhat of a sad dinner cause we talked about a lot of heavy things and all of our memories but it was also really good. Just a really nice, relaxing family time bonding with a beautiful view!
The weather has been great and we are making lots of fun friends today!
we miss our California friends from last year so if you guys are reading, email us! We want to know if you are here this week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cabo Day 1: Its all about Priorities!!

We have arrived Safe, sound and quite happy! Its gorgeous here! They offered us an upgrade from our meager accomodations to a suite for $50 and we happily accepted. This is the view from our porch!

The first thing we did after checking in was hop in the ocean!
This is where erik almost drown me. For those that dont know, I am not a good swimmer and have some issues with water so when someone grabs me in the water it freaks me out a bit. Then I almost drown him while clinging on for bare life. ha (bro does this sound familiar)
Then we promptly ordered Mojitos and Ceviche! YUMMMMM
We have free wi-fi by the pool.. (how convienent! ha) so while my famliel naps I update you all! We are considering going on a hotel tour in the morning.. we know its a scam but just for showing up we get $100, 2 bottles of tequila, 2 mexican blankets, a dinner boat cruise for 5 , 2 bottles of kaluha which I will trade for glass boat rides! Lets just say on our 3rd year down here we definately know how to work the system and I am always the negotiator since I am so bossy! ha So tomorrow morning I will probably be taking one for the team and going to this breakfast for the swag. Ha

In route to CABO

Today started pretty early at 4am! We are currently in Texas on a
layover. I snapped this picture while in route bc I was surprised to
See so many people sleeping with their mouths open! Do y'all sleep
like that? I don't think I do?! Ha
Thanks to Grum for the early morning taxi ride to the dang airport. He
is nicer than me cause at 4am I would have said "take a cab!".
Erik and I just got major props from some other travelers when we
broke out our extension cord to maximize outlet usage for our gadgets!
He was very quick to remind me that it was HIS idea to bring that
extension cord! Ha

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